Singapore Airlines introduces special fares to 37 destinations

Singapore Airlines has introduced special fares to travel to 37 of its catering destinations.

According to an official from SunLand, passengers boarding from Maldives to Singapore flights under this fare would be traveling at Economy class.

SunLand - the official PSA to Singapore Airlines since 1999 stated that under that it is an international promotion including 17 destinations from South East Asia, while 21 destinations from North Asia are included along with 6 destinations from Europe and 2 destinations from South West Asia.

The fare promotion also grants a USD 1 dollar per room for the duration of one night if travelers transit at Singapore. Standard lodging ratings at Singapore is around USD 100 per night.

According to SunLand Singapore, Malaysia, China and Thailand are among the top destinations for Maldivian travelers mainly seeking fares at the airline.