New Radiant eyes top spot in league

Scoreboard of Dhivehi Premier League is at a crucial stage where every point counts in shifting the ranking balance, and football club New Radiant is hands on ready to maximize its chance of upping their chances of taking top spot, says the team's coach Oscar Buruzon.

The team gets ready to face off Dhaalu Atoll Kudahuvadhoo in Ooredoo's Dhivehi Premier League. The blues have a strong chance of taking lead with a top point difference should they nab the winning scores in today's game. This became all the more doable when the scoreboard leader Maziya faced the dirt during Saturday's game against TC Sports Club.

Coming down with a tie or a loss for New Radiant would completely obstruct the team's opened window of thrusting to top spot. Buruzon said that facing such challenges would be an honor for him and his teammates, as he answered a question asking if such pressures would cloud their focus.

Buruzon also praised New Radiant's opponent for Sunday, Kudahuvadhoo stating the team took the championship title in Minivan Championship. He acknowledged the opponents as a formidable team.

The blues' coach does not believe in a stretcher-laden game with fouls and injuries as he aims to train his players to have high endurance and agility.