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Kuredhivaru inches close to completion with underwater restaurant

The fresh concept of half-submerged half-over water hotel is inching closer to reality at Noonu atoll Kuredhivaru.

Powered by Poland's Deep Ocean Technologies and constructed at the Zen Resort at Kuredhivaru, the hotel's concept art boasts a segment submerged under water while the upper deck or top portion can be extended or retracted above water or 'hover' over it.

The construction of the hotel alone amounts to USD 50 million and the entire resort would be operated by the world renowned Movenpick Hotels & Resorts.

The underwater hotel boasts a total of 22 rooms and is accessible via ground level through elevators and descending staircases. The rooms are designed with locomotion ability facilitated to the rooms, granting the visitors to transition the rooms beneath sea level or ascend over it.

The hotel is constructed with the inclusion of a helipad for quick transport access as well.