Pres lambastes 'lifeless' opposition

Incumbent president Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom on Sunday described the now united opposition as "lifeless" saying that their review of the state budget for next year showed that the people cannot expect much from the opposition.

Speaking during the youth day ceremony held at the main convention centre 'Dharubaaruge' on Sunday evening, president Yameen said the intense criticism aimed at the government especially by opposition lawmakers showed that the opposition had given fair thought to the proposed budget for next year.

Parliament last week had with just 39 government aligned lawmakers passed the MVR27.8 million state budget for next year as the opposition boycotted the vote.

"Though the opposition again refused to vote, they had researched and reviewed the budget," president said.

"But what they had to say about the budget really shows us that they are lifeless and can offer nothing to the people."

President Yameen reiterated that the state budget would offer continued development to the country highlighting that the airport development projects would see the luxury island destination welcome eight million passengers each year.

"You will see us kick-starting a many projects next year, with some carrying forward for the years to come. If we are alive we will see us welcome eight million international passengers. But even then I don't think the opposition would choose to see it. Because they are lifeless," president said.

President went onto stress that next year offers more opportunities and hope for the youth of the country and urged the people to ignore the outrageous claims made by the opposition.