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Maldives expected to exhibit at 40 int'l fairs

Maldives Marketing and PR Corporation (MMPRC) has geared up with several local ventures for destination promotion at several high-profiled international events in 2018.

Acting Managing Director of MMPRC Haris Mohamed confirmed that the state owned marketing and public relations corporation will be engaging in multiple venues with the newly established resorts included, to promote Maldivian tourism.

"All of these new resorts fall under an internationally recognized brand. We expect an increase to the arrival figures through our combined with these ventures," Mohamed said.

He also praised the current Tourism Minister Moosa Zameer for his initiation in implementing a smarter and innovative approach to destination promotion.

"One of the key changes brought was to provide inclusiveness for all the associations and organizations working in the industry with several event organizers in Maldives empowered. We are providing the opportunity locally and globally based on the endorsements we receive," Mohamed added.

Additionally he highlighted the efforts of non-government organizations like Maldives Association of Travel Agents and Tour Operators (MATATO) as well as Association of Travel Agents (ATA).

Both MATATO and ATA has 15 events each, scheduled at various intervals in 2018.

"Government has planned an additional 15 events for tourism promotion. Approximately 43 events will be hosted in 2018 for destination promotion and with Maldives receiving the biggest exposure so far," the acting Managing Director of MMPRC said.

State has apportioned a total of MVR 50 million from the state budget of 2018 for tourism promotion while Tourism Minister assures another MVR 50 million will be raised through endorsements and fundraisers as well as income.

Tourism statistics indicated that an approximate 1.3 million tourists flocked to Maldives for vacation last year while back in 2016 the figure was recorded at 1.2 million.