'Man was stabbed while on drug agency vehicle'

The man injured in a stabbing attack on Wednesday in the capital Male was on a national drug agency vehicle when he was attacked, it has emerged.

Reliable sources told Avas that the man was brought to Male for treatment and was stabbed while being transported back to Himmafushi island.

The victim was reportedly on the back of a pickup truck when he was attacked from behind.

The drug agency confirmed adding that it sometimes uses a hired pickup truck when its vehicle breakdowns.

"We use the pickup because we have to transport a lot of people at the same time," an official explained.

Eyewitnesses told Avas that the victim appeared to have suffered severe injuries, but privately-run ADK hospital refused to provide details of the injuries.

Another source told Avas that the drug agency had been notified of a possible threat to the victim before the attack.

Police have also remained tight-lipped over the attack but said the investigation was ongoing.