22 companies line up to promote Maldives at Fitur Fair

Twenty two companies are promoting Maldives at Fitur Tourism Fair at Madrid, Spanish - which is ongoing currently.

A total of 38 representatives from 22 local companies took part in the fair under the watchful eye of Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC), in the attempt to promote tourism and destination of Maldives.

Acting Managing Director Haris Mohamed of MMPRC is leading the Maldivian contingent promoting the country's tourism at Fitur Fair. Local companies are promoting Maldives under the official tourism slogan "Sunny Side of Life."

MMPRC reports that the first two days of the globally renowned fair will hold meetings and engagements between industry related professionals and companies to exchange information and seeking investments for projects. Fitur Fair which focuses on both in-bound and out-bound tourism will be open for general public on the final day of the event.

Spain is regarded as one of the top European markets for tourists to Maldives with as much as 22,947 Spaniards visiting the Indian Ocean archipelago by November 2017.

Maldives is set to participate in more than 40 international travel and tourism related fairs and conventions while Tourism Minister Moosa Zameer confirmed the state will be investing more than MVR 100 million for tourism marketing and destination promotion.