Maamigili citizens protest for Villa Resorts

Citizens of Alif Dhaal atoll Maamigili has taken to the streets in an attempt to protest against government's recent move on raiding Villa Group resorts and confiscating products from the venues.

Participants of the protest had shared their opinion and expressed views over authorities raiding Villa Resorts. Many had chanted the release of Qasim Ibrahim, owner of Villa Resorts and parliament representative of Maamigili constituency.

Maldives Customs Service and Police Service had carried out a joint search operation on five of the Villa Resorts on Wednesday night, which included Fun Island Resort, Sun Island Resort, Paradise Island Resort, Holiday Island Resort and Royal Island Resort.

Authorities left all five properties a day later following the due on their search warrant. However Customs placed specific labels on several alcoholic beverages at Fun Island and prohibited the resort management from using the items for sales.

According to authorities, they initiated the raid over information of misconduct at the resort venues. Customs cited that the Villa Resorts were engaging in illegal sales of pork and alcohol.

Police and Customs Service acquired another court order for a five day duration on Saturday and arrived at Fun Island resort for further inspection.

Meanwhile the act has directed harsh criticism from several resort staffs and management while the country's opposition as well as both former presidents Gayoom and Nasheed condemned government's unjust act to topple a particular individual's business to inflict financial harm.