Average tourist expenditure between USD 1K - 5K

A survey on Maldives tourism conducted has shown the average expenditure rate of holidaymakers between USD 1000 and 5000 (MVR 15,420 to 77,100).

Maldives Association of Tourism Industry (MATI) had assigned CDC Consultancy to conduct the survey, from which they were able to identify 46% of the tourists visiting Maldives had a spending budget between USD 1000 and 5000. A similar survey conducted earlier had shown that 30% tourists flocking to Maldives spent around USD 5000 to USD 10,000 during their vacation.

A whopping 75% of the tourists visiting Maldives, come to experience the pristine beaches and nature which they are not accustomed to at home country while 57% of tourists are pulled towards the Indian Ocean archipelago of its rich dive excursions and experience.

The survey had also shown 46% tourists flying in to the country due to indulge in the peaceful and harmonious environment in Maldives.

Similarly 40% tourists from the total holidaymakers visiting the country arrive to these low-lying slips for rest and relaxation getaways while 35% is identified as couples gracing the country for a memorable honeymoon.

The remainder percentage of tourists visit to experience snorkeling and diving at Maldives while others fly in to celebrate special occasions such as anniversaries or birthdays. Some tourists flock to experience the local tourism for health and wellness reasons.

Most honeymooners to Maldives originates from both Japan and India. European honeymooners visit the country during tourism peak season while off-peak seasons attract Asian honeymooners.

Statistics confirm the total number of holidaymakers visiting Maldives in 2017 had reached to 1.3 million, marking a record amount of guests flying in to experience the tourist venues.