Maldives Corrections denies meeting for Gayoom's family and lawyers

Maldives Corrections Service has denied the family members and representing lawyers from meeting with former president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom.

Immediately after the presidential decree of a 15-day state of emergency the former president was arrested by authorities and transported to Dhoonidhoo prison - primary suspect interrogation jail - and later was transferred to Maafushi prison.

The state of emergency was declared by suspending more than 20 constitutional and 2 judicature rights, including the Criminal Procedure Act.

However Gayoom's lawyers state the role of advocates in representing their clients cannot be suspended during a state of emergency as per Maldives Constitution.

Maumoon Hameed, who represents both MP Ahmed Faris Maumoon and Gayoom had confirmed Maldives Corrections Service had denied lawyers from meeting with the former president on context of the ongoing state of emergency.

Earlier Corrections authority had complained and prevented Gayoom from communicating with his advocates in Arabic.

Although Corrections has denied family members and lawyers from meeting with Gayoom since his transfer to Maafushi, the authority had earlier provided the opportunity when he was taken to Dhoonidhoo prison.

Another lawyer in Gayoom's advocate team, Hussain Shameem had criticized the authorities behavior and added it was not acceptable.

Maldives Corrections Service has not been available for comment regarding the issue.

It is noteworthy that under the state of emergency president Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom has suspended Article number 29; Freedom of acquiring and imparting knowledge among as well which grants authorities full discretion about revealing information about detainees.

The former head of state is charged with bribing court judges and parliamentarians as well as attempting to overthrow the government. He is also charged with influencing judicial conduct and attempt to segregate security forces.

Maldives Police Service claims they have acquired testimonies and evidence against Gayoom regarding the tried offenses.

However the former president has denied all of these allegations.