'Foreign military intervention masterminds face humiliation!'

The Maldives ambassador to India has claimed the government has managed to avert opposition's attempt of misleading international communities about the ongoing political strife in the Indian Ocean island nation.

Ambassador Ahmed Mohamed through a Skype interview spoke with Public Service Media on Sunday night claiming those responsible for masterminding an alleged military intervention in Maldives now faces deep humiliation in front of international communities.

He also noted the government entities had appeared to act beyond constitutional borders since the February 1 - Supreme Court order to which Indian government issued four separate statements.

The ambassador to India also stressed the Indian government's latest statement regarding the ongoing clash between opposition and government over the apex court order was reciprocated by the Maldives state in an attempt to clear out the confusion.

"There has been no further statements issued from Indian government since then, we have also initiated regular dialogue with them [India] to brief them about the developments of Maldives political situation to mend any previous discords. Any earlier disputes they harbored had now been cleared out by Maldives government and will continue in doing so in the future as well," Ahmed said.

He also highlighted that every angle of the diplomatic talks do not stop at public diplomacy but Maldives state had not failed in addressing the issues whenever this was the case adding the trade and relation between New Delhi and Male' will proceed without hindrances.

Ambassador Ahmed further noted the situation was gravely misunderstood by international media and communities thus the news broke in a misleading manner. However Maldives government attempted to place proper explanation with patience in order to alleviate prejudice and has succeeded in showing the truth behind the situation.

"A few among us are continuously attempting to bring foreign military intervention and they have put effort to mislead international communities to derive this outcome, and they have been humiliated ever since their lies were caught," Ahmed said.

The first person to publicly call out for a foreign military intervention was former president Mohamed Nasheed who lives in Sri Lanka after self-exiling him to UK.