Tourist 'avg stay' constant in Maldives despite visitor count hike

Tourism Ministry recently confirmed the tourist visit count has increased by 19 percent during the month of February despite the state of emergency declared earlier last month.

While the ministry confirmed the tourist figures had significantly increased by February compared to last year's figures during the same time, the guest stay duration had not increased but rather remained the same.

According to the ministry's statistical reports the average stay for tourists visiting local resort islands for their holidays had not fluctuated from an average 4.6 nights for the months ended; January and February in 2018.

Reports confirm the average stay for holidaymakers during the same period last year had been also the same.

The Maldivian tourism's peak season kick-off in December lasting til March of the following year. In 2018 the average stay of holidaymakers recorded had declined compared to February 2017, hitting a 6.3 nights.

Several entrepreneurs and businesses attached to tourism sector in Maldives have already expressed concern over the insignificant growth in tourist stay, reasoning the key factor as the declining interest in local tourism from holidaymakers.

A renowned business magnate in tourism sector spoke under anonymity stating that the Maldivian tourism needs assess efficient ways to boost tourist interest.

"We can only hope to increase their [vacationers] stay by increasing their interest in our tourism, and this can be achieved through the growth of beaches, diving excursions and international events in Maldives," the businessman added.

While a local travel agency owner had also explained interesting festivals and events possible in Maldives as he said "the country is surrounded by sea and we can organize and market water-sports events. Even now there's a whale shark event but the proceedings of it is quite dull. We need world-class festivals here to attract foreigners, these are some of the ways we can curb their [tourists] interest."

Though the average guest stay had not exponentially increased over the last couple of months the Maldivian tourism sector has registered significant growth in the facilities and outlets at service. Tourism Ministry confirms the bed capacity throughout the country under tourism outlets had reached 40,823 by 2018 while several other hospitality outlets are slated to open during the ongoing year.

Meanwhile the government had assured that with a MVR 100 million allocated budget for tourism promotion and marketing, the state would initiate and participate in several destination promotion events throughout the globe in 2018.