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BBM sets Masterclass programs for chefs

Bestbuy Maldives (BBM) in association with Maldives Exhibition and Conference Services (MECS) in conjunction with Hotel Asia 2018 is set to host the 6th edition of Masterclass and Barista workshops.

Kicking off on April 19, the workshop will be guided by chef Garth Shnier, the complex executive chief of Sun International and chef Ronald Prasanto the executive chef of Arrack & Spice.

The workshop jointly hosted by MECS, BBM; the main sponsors of Hotel Asia 2018 "believe in infusing knowledge to the Hospitality Industry especially in the F and B sector," - read the press statement.

The project director and chief judge for the Hotel Asia International Culinary Challenger, chef Alan Palmer echoed that "holding these special classes are necessary." Palmer also expressed his interest in holding similar classes frequently in Maldives.

“We at BBM truly believe that with the right training and knowledge, the chefs local to Maldives could reach the highest pinnacle of the Global Culinary Industry. Hence, we have introduced Masterclass, where we bring world-class chefs to educate and introduce the intricate innovations of the culinary world to the Maldivian Chefs. This is the 6th Year of Masterclass and each year we see more and more talented chefs participating to learn and achieve the best in their respected fields,” Mohamed Mazloom, the director and chief executive of BBM keyed in his view in the importance of such a challenge or workshop.

The "Hotel Asia International Culinary Challenge 2018" is set to be launched in the Masterclass with 23 individual and team competitions. The culinary challenge events is set to kick-off from September 9 lasting till September 12.