Ex-Pres Nasheed talks on youth inclusion in Maldives development

The former president of Maldives Mohamed Nasheed has assured that the prime opposition Maldives Democratic Party (MDP) has initiated works to prepare their manifesto for the upcoming presidency election.

In a voice clip posted on SoundCloud, the former head of state had ensured they aim to once again bring a safe environment to Maldives.

Nasheed in his audio message to the Maldivian public emphasized on the importance and the political party's priority in creating a society of unity and non-discrimination or any prejudice and entitlements. He stressed on the importance of freedom of life for everyone, inclusive of all citizens regardless of their ideologies.

The former president had also asserted the necessity of bringing a fun and lively 'climate' to the Maldivian society at a time when the social tension had resulted in tearing several ties and affiliations within a compact community.

Nasheed, in his speech had also addressed on an unbiased approach towards realizing this idea; adding that a specific political party should not be entitled to bring such developments or changes to the country's growth.

Furthermore Nasheed had touched some sensitive issues to Maldivian society; as he mentioned the lifestyle attributes and trends of local youth and adolescents. He stated that many of the Maldivian youngsters are unable to explore their full potential and pursue their dreams or freedom due to fear harbored in the general populace; and misguided status quo.

Nasheed said that Maldivian youths are getting ostracized or cast out for their political differences, social ideologies and even their way of life.

The MDP leader and former president had focused on the role and importance of utilizing youngsters in the development and growth of a nation. He stated that many of the strayed youths are otherwise reasonable and responsible individuals who have been 'pushed to the edge' over political and economical setbacks.

Nasheed strongly recommended youth inclusion in the development of Maldives; advising against the discrimination or segregation of youngsters in the society.