HPA urges caution amid fever spread

Health Protection Agency (HPA) on Monday urged caution amid the spread of fever including dengue throughout the archipelago.

Maldives has been experiencing bad weather for the past few days and there have been increasing reports of flu and fever.

HPA in a statement urged people to exercise extreme caution to stop the spread of fever reminding the public of several measures that can be taken.

HPA recommended measures

  • Cover the mouth with tissue or a handkerchief when coughing
  • Avoid public places if you are down with cold or fever
  • Dispose tissues quickly after use
  • Pregnant women and children with fever should consult a doctor immediately
  • To limit medication to only Paracetamol
  • Drink plenty fluids when down with fever or flu
  • Avoid contact with children when down with fever or flu
  • Wash your hands often or use hand sanitizer

In addition, HPA also urged people to limit visiting patients at the hospital as much as possible while taking children along on hospital visits must be avoided.

With an increase in patients with fever last week, privately-run ADK hospital has set-up a special flu-clinic.