Amb. Keshap meets with prominent oppostion lawmaker

South-Galolhu constituency lawmaker Ahmed Mahloof, a prominent member of the local opposition movement and a noteworthy politician in Maldives politics has met with the US Ambassador to Sri Lanka and Maldives Atul Keshap.

The opposition aligned lawmaker who is currently spending days under house arrest met with the ambassador at the former's residence when the latter paid a visit. This was confirmed through the official Twitter handle of the MP.

The US ambassador had also on Tuesday, met with the wives of all prominent political leaders of the opposition who currently are incarcerated in local penitentiaries or prisons. Keshap had also rendezvoused with key opposition members on Tuesday as well.

Apart from this the US ambassador to both Sri Lanka and Maldives hosted a special Iftar at Hotel Jen which was attended by prominent political figures upon invite. During the special Iftar hosted by Keshap, the ambassador claimed Maldives can be 'steered towards a transparent democratic' and assured about it to the attendees at Tuesday's event at Hotel Jen.

Keshap also commented on the relationship between US and Maldives adding, more effort was required to strengthen the ties between the two nations and Washington was willing to initiate a healthier bond with Male'.

Keshap is soon to step down from his ambassadorship roles at Sri Lanka and Maldives since US president Donald Trump recently nominated Alaina B. Teplitz to step into the office as Keshap's replacement. She is currently filling the designation as the US ambassador to Nepal.