State claims JP leader's foreign medical leave unlawful

Maldives government has claimed at the country's High Court the decision by Criminal Court to grant Jumhooree Party founder Gasim Ibrahim to fly abroad for medical attention was illegitimate.

The business tycoon was convicted of bribing parliamentarians for which he was sentenced to jail for 3 years, 2 months and 12 days. Court gave its verdict while the businessman and politician was admitted in hospital over deteriorating health conditions.

Criminal Court had then ordered Maldives Correctional Services to arrange for Gasim Ibrahim to fly abroad to seek proper medical care for his worsening condition.

Criminal Court's order on Correctional Services to grant fly order for Gasim Ibrahim was appealed by attorney general at High Court, which had its first hearing on Wednesday.

Attorney General office lawyer Ma'asha Luthfee had argued the medical care requirement of a convict does not fall under Criminal Court's authority to hear verdict over. She had also highlighted the court's decision had violated Parole Act of local jails as well.

AG office's lawyer had further stated that criminals are granted fly order to foreign countries for medical care in case when the required medical treatment is not available anywhere in Maldives. She also added that such cases should first be assessed by the medical board followed with the permit from Commissioner of Prisons.

According to advocate Ma'asha Luthfee the Criminal Court order on Correctional Service contradicted with the aforementioned procedure.