Special event to promote Maldives at 'Mall of Berlin'

A special event has been initiated for the destination promotion of Maldives at 'Mall of Berlin', the largest shopping center at Germany's capital.

Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) confirms they have commenced a special campaign in collaboration with German's renowned Salon brand Dr. Machts. The state owned marketing and public relations sought support from Maldives Embassy at Germany for the campaign.

According to MMPRC they will be promoting Maldives by utilizing digital marketing materials such as TV and screens installed at Dr. Machts salon at the mall. Standard methods of wall posters will be added to the salon block as per the marketing corporation.

MMPRC will also distribute flyers and promotional materials from the salon venue to visitors.

A lucky draw has been initiated at the mall to attract visitors who stand to win a free trip to Maldives.

Germany is regarded as a healthy tourist market to Maldives and is listed among the top 10 countries with most visits to the island nation throughout every year. Last year alone Germany's tourists who graced Maldives reached 112,109 which is a 5.2% bump from the preceding year.

MMPRC has also initiated a destination promotion activity at 2018's World Cup host nation Russia. Stickers promoting Maldives were pasted on as many as 100 cars traveling on Moscow streets.