Youth Minister attends ground-breaking ceremony of Football Academy

Minister of Youth and Sports Irthisham Adam has laid the foundation of the football academy at reclaimed suburb; Hulhumale'.

Football Association of Maldives (FAM) has planned on completing the the academy's first phase within three months after commencement.

At the end of the academy development's first phase the venue will hold an office building along with an accommodation block.

The foundation was laid by FAM's president Bassam Adeel along with youth minister Irthisham Adam.

The incumbent government's pledge of constructing a football academy was first announced by president Abdulla Yameen himself back in 2016.

According to FAM's president Bassam Adeel the academy facilitate a total of 100 students simultaneously.

Furthermore Bassam noted FAM's technical department officials will make trips across the country to select promising athletes to bring under the academy's wing for further training.