Construction of FAM's 20 storey building contracted to Sky Wing Global

The construction of a 20-storey building at the Football Association of Maldives (FAM) grounds has been contracted to South Korea's Sky Wing Global company.

FAM handed over the building project and two additional projects to the company on Monday: the construction of a four-story indoor futsal arena at the Stadium grounds and the construction of twenty turf grounds across Maldives.

The 20-story building is being constructed under a loan arrangement with the South Korean company. FAM's President Bassam Adeel Jaleel said the US$ 17 million loan will be paid back within seven years after the project is completed, using the revenue generated from the new buildings.

"We are building 20 storeys as we aim to take Maldivian football to another level. We require a large amount of funds [to reach this goal]. Therefore, most of the floor space will be revenue-making spaces. The generated revenue will be used to develop Maldivian football, and to make Maldives the strongest country in the region in terms of football," said Bassam.

The construction of FAM's new office building is currently ongoing at southwest area of the stadium. The construction of the building was handed over to Tibaro Private Limited. The building was expected to be completed by April this year. However, Bassam said delays were faced in the construction of the office due to the heavy rain experienced in the country at the end of last year. The contractor assures that the building will be ready for use by September, said Bassam.

Even if the completion of the office gets delayed further, the current office at the FAM grounds will be vacated by September, said Bassam, even if the association has to lease another building to use as its office.

The indoor futsal court building will be constructed on the empty grounds behind FAM's mini-turf. Two out of the four storeys of the building will be dedicated to futsal, and will include an international-standard futsal arena. A special futsal training centre will be located on one floor. The group and top floors will be used for commercial purposes, and will be leased to generate revenue.

Bassam said the design of the 20-storey building and the indoor futsal building will be revealed at the Football Awards slated for April 18.

Three out of the 20 turf grounds planned for construction are designated for the Male' region: one in Male', Villimale' and Hulhumale'. The remaining grounds will be constructed on different islands in different regions of the country.

All turf grounds will be of FIFA-approved quality, and grass, fence and lighting systems will be installed at the grounds. The construction of the first ground will begin within 77 days, said Bassam. One turf ground will be completed every month after that until all 20 grounds are completed within 20 months, he added.

"We are contemplating expanding the Maldivian Premier League to include teams from the atolls after the 20 turf grounds are completed," said Bassam.