Tug-boat and barge capsizes on northern atoll island

A tug-boat and a barge carrying construction aggregate have capsized to the lagoon of Noonu atoll Kudafari - a northern atoll island of Maldives.

Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) has confirmed they received report of the tug-boat and the barge it was tugging, around 14:54hrs on Saturday afternoon.

At the time of incident both vessels in total had nine crew members on-board; eight locals and one expatriate. Authorities claim they have started the process of righting the capsized vessels.

Earlier on Saturday morning three incidents were reported to MNDF that had occurred on sea.

Maldives currently is experiencing rainfall with strong gusts, while Maldives Meteorological Center (MET Office) has warned everyone to take caution prior to sea trips.

The national weather forecast center had also issued white alert on upper north Haa Alif atoll stretching all the way down to Laamu atoll - central Maldives.