MET Office warns rough seas for next two days in Maldives

Maldives Meteorological Center (MET Office) has warned of strong winds, heavy rain and rough seas for the next two days across the island nation.

The country's meteorological center had recommended everyone to take caution while traveling by sea.

In addition to this several islands will experience strong waves breaking on their shores for the next two days, over increased wind speed and rough seas.

High tide is expected around 09:56hrs for northern atolls, 10:37hrs for central Maldives atolls and 11:18hrs for southern atolls.

MET Office expects southern atolls will experience comparatively worse weather than other parts of the country for the next two days.

Recently several accidents have taken place on sea over stormy weather and rough seas. MET Office as well as Maldives Coastguard has advised everyone to take precautionary steps prior to traveling by sea to avoid any incident.