Pres Yameen accuses nephew of 'most damage to PPM'

Maldives president Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom has criticized Dhiggaru MP Ahmed Faris Maumoon.

While addressing the public of Dhiggaru the Maldives president said his nephew's election to the constituency was ruling Progressive Party of Maldives' (PPM) shortcoming.

President Abdulla Yameen bemoaned his nephew Ahmed Faris Maumoon's acts of mutiny towards ruling party and its leadership. According to president Yameen the Dhiggaru MP has been among the main pioneers to orchestrate internal rift in PPM.

"Electing Faris Maumoon to this [Dhiggaru] constituency was PPM's greatest defeat, and the people of Dhiggaru should always remember this. It is not easy for me to speak about this, but I speak the truth about us and about how things have conspired," president Yameen noted.

President Yameen lambasted his lawmaker nephew for his alleged unconstitutional acts to side-track the ruling party's motives towards the constituent's development.

In his speech president Abdulla Yameen had also stressed on government's right to intervene attempts to destabilize the country's economy and progress.

Ahmed Faris Maumoon was arrested for allegations of bribing parliamentarians during the no-confidence motion of parliament Speaker Abdulla Maseeh in hopes to dethrone the current administration.