Health Minister expects Dharumavantha Hospital for Sept opening

Health Minister Abdulla Nazim Ibrahim on Wednesday has noted the much coveted 25-storey hospital will be opening on a later date than expected.

According to minister Nazim Dharumavantha Hospital can be expected for a September opening.

The initial opening date put on schedule by Maldives government for the tower was July 26 - coinciding with the island nation's independence day.

The hospital is constructed by Shenhua Corporation, Singapore for a project value of USD140 million.

During his visit on-site of the towering hospital, he noted to reporters present the hospital's opening will be pushed back due several works still at pending. However, minister Nazim assured OPD and out-patient wards will be open for service by September.

The first three floors have been specialized for OPD services and thus will be the only levels opened during Dharumavantha Hospital's initial unveiling.

The 25-storey building is reported to hold laboratories, physiotherapy, scanning, cardio-vascular specialized zones once fully completed.