Govt. requests opposition to accept invitation for talks

Maldives government has requested from opposition parties to accept their reiterated invitation for a multi-party discussion in hopes of resolving political conflict.

The island nation's government had congratulated the opposition coalition on nominating Jumhooree Party aligned Kaashidhoo MP Faisal Naseem as their running mate.

President's Office had urged the opposition coalition to respect the peaceful progression of the campaign activities. The office had also advised against disrupting the elections proceedings.

Maldives government had continued with once again extending their invitation to the opposition for sit-down to discuss regarding political disputes and hoped to find resolve. The island nation's state had extended their invitation to opposition's presidential candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and running-mate Faisal Naseem.

In addition to this President's Office had also stated the Maldives government expects support and inspection of international bodies towards the upcoming presidential elections.

Government's invitation for a multi-party discussion has been responded with by opposition's spokesperson Mariya Ahmed Didi who had reiterated the coalition's conditions for a sit-down; which they had specified for every previous call from government for discussions.