MDP presidential candidate warns against govt. constraining voting rights

Opposition coalition presidential candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Sunday warned Maldives government to refrain from placing constraints on voting rights for the upcoming presidential elections.

The MDP backed presidential candidate fired his warning amid deepening concern regarding the involvement of government offices and state-owned corporations employees in re-registration process.

It is also highly rumored that ministers, heads and senior officials of government ministries and state-owned corporations have been involved in re-registering their respective entities' staffs for presidential polls.

The opposition presidential candidate had urged Maldives government to refrain from restricting or constraining voting rights reserved by the public. He argued that every citizen was subjected with the right to re-register on their own accord.

The rumor had sparked outrage within the Maldives opposition with many condemning the act. However, Elections Commission responded stating such issues must be addressed to relevant offices accordingly.