MDP pres candidate questions fair elections

Opposition presidential candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Monday has questioned the possibility of a free and fair presidential election in 2018.

Earlier the opposition parties had raised concerns regarding Elections Commission's decision to task a designated elections officer with assisted voting for special needs citizens as well as the low number of resorts listed for ballot venues.

Maldives electoral watchdog had since found solutions to both the issues.

Immediately after arriving in Maldives from his short and unofficial trip to UK, Solih said the previous incidents are evident of the commission working under duress to strip voting rights for the Maldives public.

Solih added that the commission may continue to sabotage the progression of a free and fair election in the future as well.

However, the MDP backed presidential candidate showed strong resolve and claimed he was undeterred in the cause to rid the island nation from corruption and injustice.

On Sunday evening, Solih had raised concern relating to recent rumors of government elites tasking civil servants or public sector employees to take part in re-registering process as well as coercing government employees to re-register for specific ballot stations.