Parliament lack of quorum postpones multiple bills' approval

The parliament approval of two distinct bills have once again been pushed to a later date over lack of constitutionally required quorum to vote.

In Tuesday's sitting the bills placed on agenda included the transition of state owned Public Service Media (PSM) in to company, with its board member nomination power authorized by president of Maldives. The other bill cited amending the parliament electoral framework to increase fee for lawmaker candidacy.

According to Maldives Constitution article 87 (b) "voting on any matter requiring compliance by citizens shall only be undertaken when more than half of the total membership of the People’s Majlis are present at the sitting at which the matter is voted upon."

Based on this at least 43 members must be present at parliament floor to be accepted as quorum. However, due to opposition continuing its streak of boycotting parliament sittings resulted the lack of mandatory quorum in Tuesday's session.

Similarly both bills were not approved in Monday's session over lack of quorum and was pushed to Tuesday.