Govt. downplays opposition concern over re-registration

Ruling Progressive Party of Maldives has claimed government and state-owned companies employees supports aiding in re-registration process for presidential elections.

Responding to concerns raised by opposition claiming government dignitaries and executive level staffs were coercing lower ranking government workers and civil servants, the ruling party's deputy leader Abdul Raheem Abdulla affirmed it.

The ruling party's deputy leader claimed tasking civil servants to work overtime in re-registration process is not dictated or prohibited under any law.

"They [senior ranking government officials] are not forcing anyone to re-register or work overtime to assist in the process specifically to vote for president Yameen, that is the important element here. What we are aiming is to make sure that the most number of eligible voters get their chance to cast vote during the upcoming presidential elections, and that's what we are doing," Abdul Raheem said.

Furthermore he noted cabinet ministers, senior ranking officials in the government are serving in their respective posts are aligned with the ruling party's ideologies. Abdul Raheem's remarks seemingly downplay's current administration's authoritative control over its employees.

The ruling party deputy leader had also accused opposition of attempting to spread false accusations as they are trailing behind in assisting with re-registering eligible voters. Abdul Raheem had also denied opposition's accusations of government attempting to influence the upcoming presidential elections.