Opposition calls to repay ex-pres' sacrifices in election vote

Acting leader of the opposing Progressive Coalition, Abdul Raheem Abdulla has called on the country’s citizens to recognize former president of the Maldives and opposition leader, Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayyoom’s sacrifices by voting for the opposition in the upcoming local council election.

Speaking at a ceremony held Saturday night to re-launch Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM)’s campaign for the council elections, Abdul Raheem said PPM is facing the election in the midst of several serious challenges. Noting that the authorities are not granting equal opportunities for campaigning, Abdul Raheem said the current government is hesitant to provide space for the opposition to hold its rallies. He further noted that the government had not cooperated in providing a location to hold Saturday’s rally, and that several candidates contesting from the atolls were unable to join the session virtually due to internet issues. Abdul Raheem accused that the government had a hand in the interruptions.

Speaking on the challenges faced by the opposition, Abdula Raheem said the main issue the opposition is currently facing is its leader being in jail on a corruption conviction. However, despite all challenges, the opposition would continue to move forward as per the example set by its jailed leader, said Abdul Raheem. He called on the former president’s supporters to vote for PPM to thank the opposition leader for the sacrifices he is making in jail. It is also the way to express gratitude to the former president for the development and growth he brought to the country during his five-year term as president, said Abdul Raheem.