Maldives jihadist beheaded in Syria

A Maldivian jihadist has been reportedly beheaded in Syria by a rival militant group.

Maldives' National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC) confirmed that the local man identified as Ahmed Zubair had left the Maldives to join the ongoing war in Syria with his wife and children.

NCTC in a statement said it was now looking into the circumstances surrounding his death.

However, according to media reports, Zubair who was fighting for the notorious extremist group Islamic State (ISIS) was captured and beheaded by the rival Al-Nusra Front. Fellow Maldivian militants fighting for the group were reportedly involved in Zubair's capture and subsequent killing.

Maldives authorities have looked to stem the flow of locals joining the Syrian war, where various sources claims that Maldives has the highest number of fighters in Syria per capita.

Prosecutors meanwhile have charged several locals recently over allegations of joining foreign extremist groups.

Government has looked to take measures to curb the rising extremist ideologies in the island nation with the parliament in August passed a national policy on terrorism.

Government earlier this year had confirmed that the number of locals fighting in foreign conflicts was 61.