Opposition lambastes PPM using security forces for campaign

Maldives United Opposition - the multi-party opposition coalition - has lambasted ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) alleging them to utilize the security forces for campaign activities.

Opposition alleges the ruling party was misusing state resources as well as employing both military and police help to push presidential campaign activities.

Jumhooree Party secretary general Ahmed Sameer on Wednesday evening criticized Maldives government for restricting political movement for opposition. According to Sameer ruling party was misusing authority to their advantage while barring opposition from campaign openly.

Sameer also stressed the opposition parties will be filing complaints at respective government authorities for the misconduct by ruling party.

While opposition has criticized ruling party for misusing state resources and security forces to their advantage by restricting opposition's campaign movement, PPM's deputy leader Abdul Raheem Abdulla in a recent press conference claimed the party will utilize state resources for campaign.

However, ruling party later had denied making the statement and pilloried local media accusing them of spreading falsified news.