PPM running-mate compares vote for opposition with treason

Ruling Progressive Party of Maldives' (PPM) running-mate Dr. Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed has criticized opposition stating electing them will result in a 'weak government.'

According to Dr. Shaheem electing the opposition to govern the island nation would be treason towards Maldives.

While speaking at Sunday evening's ceremony where the ruling party handed over presidential and running-mate tickets to Abdulla Yameen and Dr. Shaheem respectively, the former Islamic Minister claimed Maldives was currently battling a 'war of conscience.'

Dr. Shaheem claimed external forces were at play in association with local anti-Islamic movements to wipe the Islamic faith practiced in the island nation.

The ruling party running-mate also noted that Maldives public was mature to understand responsible leaders.

Explaining the challenging world politics, Dr. Shaheem said Maldives public should elect a leader who will not get intimidated by external or foreign threats or coercion; reasoning the only candidate capable of such determination was president Abdulla Yameen.

Dr. Shaheem assured complete allegiance to president Abdulla Yameen and his cause. According to ruling party's running-mate he will stay loyal to president Yameen and his administration.