Ex-Chief Justice claims Maldives Constitution need amends

Former Chief Justice Ahmed Faiz Hussain claimed the Maldives Constitution effective for the past 10 years is in need of serious amendments.

The new Constitution was ratified by former president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom back in 2008. Since then several statutes and articles have been added to it through parliament deliberation and approval.

The ex-chief justice claimed constitutional amendments are brought into effect based on related precedents.

Faiz Hussain claimed the current constitution has gone through several unacceptable changes to stretch presidential terms and colluding state powers.

The legal expert had also said that due to these amendments the 'Separation of Powers' and principles of 'Check and Balances' have weakened over time while these said changes have also created loopholes or ambiguities in constitution.

The ex-chief justice held the apex court's top spot from 2010 until 2014 and was removed from the bench following changes to Maldives Constitution.