Asphalt installation commences on Hulhumale' highway

Asphalt installation has commenced on the highway linking international airport island Hulhule' with reclaimed suburban town Hulhumale'.

The project is managed by China's Hunan Construction Engineering Group for an estimated total of MVR370 million. The initial phases of the project commenced back in 2017.

An official from Housing Development Corporation (HDC) confirmed to Avas Online that while asphalt installation process has commenced on the link-road several other aspects of the highway is nearing close to completion.

The project is proceeding under two phases, with the attached roads from Hulhumale' to the link-road getting re-worked for more traveling room.

HDC estimates the satellite town's population will increase to roughly 240,000 by the end of phase-2 development at the north end of the island - on the additionally reclaimed area.

The link-road project was conceived as a means to facilitate more than one travel option from the capital Male' City to Hulhumale'; including the existing ferry services.

"The only travel option public has between Hulhumale' and Male' is by sea, and more than thousands of people travel back and forth between the two towns everyday. Transportation currently is the primary issue faced by the residents living in Hulhumale'," the official speaking on behalf of HDC noted.

The highway linking Hulhumale' with Male' City is structured to hold four separate lanes allowing segregation of traffic in order to avoid congestion or blocks; easing separate travel paths for two-wheelers and four-wheelers.

HDC expects the highway to complete by the time Sinamale' Bridge opens officially, which is scheduled for September.