PPM running-mate pledges inception of Islamic Center at Fuvahmulah

Ruling party running-mate on Friday evening has confirmed president Abdulla Yameen's plan of developing an Islamic Center at the island of Fuvahmulah.

Progressive Party of Maldives' (PPM) running-mate Dr. Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed said the incumbent president plans on constructing such an institute should he get re-elected in the crunch presidential elections scheduled for September.

"I am not here to pledge about installation of a sewerage system or improve the island's roads. The sewerage network is currently being installed and the roads are being developed, we are not here to make pledges about that. We are here because president Yameen has promised to construct an Islamic Center in Fuvahmulah if he gets elected for a second term," Dr. Shaheem addressed the islanders on Friday evening.

The Islamic University of Maldives' chancellor stated the establishment of such an Islamic Center will elevate the practice and education of the sacred text of the faith. Dr. Shaheem also noted that Fuvahmulah will become the southern hub for imparting knowledge on Islamic faith and its practices.

The ruling party's running-mate received a warm welcome from Gnaviyani atoll Fuvahmulah at his arrival.