PPM running-mate highlights 'dangers' of electing opposition

Ruling party running-mate Dr. Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed has criticized the opposition and highlighted the 'certain dangers' in electing the multi-party coalition to govern Maldives.

Addressing the people of Fuvahmulah on Friday evening president Abdulla Yameen's running-mate Dr. Shaheem claimed Maldives public had experienced a coalition led government, adding it was never a permanent solution.

In his analogy, Dr. Shaheem compared a coalition government to that of 'aspirin taken to subdue fever' and urged that Maldives was in need of a progressive and durable governance.

"... that is why I request everyone of Fuvahmulah, whether they are MDP or Jumhooree Party members or Adhaalath Party members to vote to president Abdulla Yameen for a prosperous future," Dr. Shaheem asserted.

The ruling party running-mate had also reasoned under coalition administrations the powers of governance mostly are split between coalition stakeholders, which often creates conflicts and rifts leading to unmaintained policies at executive level.

Dr. Shaheem argued that mutual interests often get sidelined for personal agenda pushing under coalition governments.