Opposition 'disbelieves' re-registration forms hitting 95K

Prime opposition Maldivian Democratic Party's (MDP) campaign spokesperson Mariya Ahmed Didi on Saturday claims the party and coalition refuses to accept elections commission's confirmed number of re-registration form submission.

According to opposition the elections re-registration forms hitting 95,000 by Saturday is a clear misconduct by Maldives electoral watchdog.

During a press conference on Saturday, MP Mariya Ahmed Didi noted that a total of 68,000 forms were presented for re-registration during the 2013 presidential elections, and added that the newly eligible voters count rose by only 10% according to Elections Commission.

As per the numbers confirmed by Maldives electoral watchdog the number of eligible voters who would seek re-registration will only hit 75,000.

While strongly denying elections commission's claim of re-registration forms hitting 95,000 the opposition showed concern over possibilities of election rigging and foul-play.

Opposition demanded details about re-registration forms presented from government offices and state owned companies, disclosing the total number of forms submitted so far from each entity.

The opposition coalition explained their demand comes from mounting complains regarding unprocessed re-registration applications.

Mariya Didi on Saturday had also alleged that several state entities including government office and state owned companies' senior officials were claiming an opposition government will dissolve targeted government boards or state owned companies.

The MDP aligned MDP had advised against heeding such intimidation and assured government employees will retain their jobs even under an opposition led government.