Opposition discusses filing EC vote form rejection case at court

Maldives opposition spokesperson Mariya Ahmed Didi on Saturday stated that the multi-party coalition was discussing of filing Elections Commission's move of rejecting several re-registration applications at local court.

Following a week after the closing of re-registration window, Maldives electoral watchdog confirmed more than 5,000 forms were rejected due to insufficient or inadequate information.

Addressing the matter, Mariya Ahmed Didi on Saturday questioned the legality of the electoral watchdog's move to reject several applications. She also questioned the commission's integrity, suspecting they were attempting to strip eligible voters from their voting rights.

She confirmed that the opposition coalition was currently deliberating about presenting the case to local court for prosecution.

Opposition has shown concern about the high number of rejected vote re-registration applications, as well as Elections Commission's stagnancy towards revealing the final voters' list as elections day draws close.

Mariya Didi also claimed that voters who had not re-registered were also assigned to ballot boxes that the individuals did not specify for.