Dhiraagu kicks-off pre-order for Samsung Galaxy Note 9

When it comes to high-end handsets the largest telecommunication provider in Maldives, Dhiraagu always aim to please its huge customer base.

Pre-orders have become a fashion and through which Dhiraagu has allowed its customers to purchase top-tier handsets like the Apple iPhone models as well as the high-end Samsung models including the latest in Galaxy and Note flagship.

With the introduction of Samsung Galaxy Note 9; the latest addition to the smartphone giants long list of top-tier handsets, Dhiraagu has initiated pre-ordering for the device.

According to the telecom provider, its post-paid customers can purchase the Galaxy Note 9 on set installment schemes or own it with a one-time-full payment.

Dhiraagu is also issuing 5GB data plan for one and half year for post-paid customers who are pre-ordering the handset.

The telecom giant will be selling the 128GB and 512GB variants with all three available color options.