Maldives Aeropress Championship 2018 poster resonates coffee's importance

Selected through an open competition, the finalized and official poster for the Maldives Aeropress Championship 2018 resonates well with the importance of coffee in contemporary Maldivian culture.

A woman sporting a traditional women's garb - locally identified as 'Libaas' - holds an aeropress machine; a deconstruction on the traditional images of Maldivian women wearing the said Libaas and holding water containers, dubbed 'Ban'diya' in local language.

The poster strongly resonates how well the Maldivian contemporary culture has come to include coffee as part of it. The aesthetic poster was designed by a local artist, winning the challenge earlier.

'Maldives Aeropress Championship 2018 - A Gathering Of Coffee Lovers' is slated for September 7 at Rasrani Bageecha.

The winner of the aeropress challenge will receive the opportunity to compete in the 'World Aeropress Championship 2018' hosted at Sydney, Australia.