Opposition Pres candidate receives 'Maafushi style' welcome

Upon arrival of opposition presidential candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Solih at Kaafu atoll Maafushi - informally dubbed as the 'guesthouse island' of Maldives - he was welcomed with a garland filled with US Dollars.

Maafushi is the first island to start guesthouse ventures after the business became legally identified and approved during former president Mohamed Nasheed's administration. The former president's policies paved way for the introduction of 'budget tourism' in Maldives.

Due to the internalized economy at Maafushi, their guesthouse ventures provides direct earnings for the local entrepreneurs holding ownership of such properties in the island.

The opposition presidential candidate received a warm welcome from Maafushi at his arrival with a large number of the island's locals attending near the harbor to receive Solih.

Solih overjoyed with the welcome he received from the island also noted about the significant earnings made by locals in foreign currency due to the establishment of guesthouse ventures in the island.

The 'unique style' in which he was welcomed was evident on the economical progress made by the islanders, Solih noted.

Solih also pledged to place new policies or put fresh impetus in developing the existing guesthouse ventures in Maafushi, including improvements to water-sports ventures as well.

Opposition presidential candidate also noted guest house promotion will be carried through state endorsements via specialized budget apportioned to the cause under a multi party coalition led government.

It can be highly speculated that the island of Maafushi will lean towards an opposition government led by Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) since the inception of guesthouse venture in the island, through which the islanders benefit significantly, came to fruition during Nasheed's administration.