Opposition running-mate responds to PPM's challenge

Opposition running-mate Faisal Naseem has claimed it was shameful to accuse the coalition incapable of maintaining a multi-party backed government.

Responding on ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) and president Abdulla Yameen's challenges regarding the coalition's weakening status Naseem asserted the four leaders of the opposition parties have shown exemplary strength in their fight against injustice.

Naseem claimed that the opposition leaders were committed towards working to end Abdulla Yameen's administration, and their strong resolve gives strength to everyone included in the opposition movement.

"We are certain about working together towards a common cause. We keep hearing how we will fail in our quest to work alongside different ideologies, these are truly shameful or even embarrassing things for a leader to say," Naseem reciprocated ruling party's challenges.

The opposition running-mate had further assured the opposition movement will emerge victorious in the crunch presidential elections.

At the time, opposition presidential candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Solih is visiting Sri Lanka to meet with Maldivians residing in the neighboring country to rally support. Meanwhile Naseem is visiting the islands of Shaviyani atoll to campaign.