MDP Pres candidate vows resort project for Kaashidhoo

In hopes of alleviating the logistical difficulties that in turn becomes economic setbacks for the locals of Kaafu atoll Kaashidhoo, opposition presidential candidate has made a pledge develop a resort property close to the island.

Situated kilometers away from the country's capital with difficult sea routes leading to the island has made it challenging for people of the island frequenting Male' City regularly for business.

Explaining certain policies the opposition candidates wishes to enforce under his administration, Solih stated he aims to develop resorts across all atolls - which comes under the prime opposition party's key developmental policy.

Solih further stated the opposition would aim to facilitate the islanders of Kaashidhoo to generate income at the comfort of their home island by introducing guesthouse ventures and resort projects.

The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) endorsed candidate also revealed a few policies on thrusting the agriculture sector in the island nation.

Reassuring farmers will receive business subsidies, Solih also claimed agriculture centers will be erected across the country for the benefit of farmers attempting to sell their produce at favorable rates.