Pardon for convicts sentenced in absentia

President of Maldives has pardoned convicts sentenced in absentia - who have not carried another conviction for the last five years.

Maldives Corrections Service on Thursday confirmed president Abdulla Yameen has pardoned convicts sentenced in absentia since August 31, 2013 with accordance to article number 29 of the local Pardon Act.

The authority has advised convicts falling under the specific conditions to contact them and clarify about further proceedings with regards to their release.

President Yameen made the decision officially on September 6, after following up on several complaints received by convicts who were sentenced in absentia and have spent five years without any further convictions.

The Maldives head of state's decision comes as an encouragement towards convicts who have since redeemed themselves after servicing their time in penitentiaries; as well as allowing them transition back to society.

President's Office further notes that several of these individuals carry 15 to 18 years of serve-time while many of them have been identified for good behavior.

Many of these convicts have since redeemed themselves, seeking career opportunities while some have gone to start families of their own, addressed the President's Office.

However convicts charged with murder, rape, terrorism, child and sexual abuse, drug abuse and peddling and offense relating to acts of homosexuality have been omitted from president's pardoning.