Supreme Court abolishes law barring govt entities' individual prosection

Maldives Supreme Court on Wednesday has abolished the law barring government entities from pressing charges at local court individually.

The legal precedence before cites that all government entities must file for cases at Attorney General for prosecution; thus restricting the ministries and other government entities from individually pressing charges at court.

A circulation publicized on Wednesday bearing signature of Chief Justice Dr. Ahmed Abdulla Didi cites that though Attorney General is identified as the legal representative of all government entities under Article number 133(c) of Maldives Constitution, government entities with capacity of legal prosecution are permitted to press charges as local courts without seeking Attorney General channels.

The circulation also cited that the government entities with legal capacity will also be taking responsibility in representing themselves at court as defendant should they are pressed charged against.

The circular also added that should the prosecution holds government interests, the individual entities can seek permission from the designated court to seek legal representation from Attorney General.