Maldives governor meets president-elect Solih

Maldives governor Ahmed Naseer on Thursday has met with president-elect Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

The president-elect's meeting with governor took place at the opposition's campaign headquarters; fifth floor of Maafannu Shine-Tree Building.

Though the meeting took place on Thursday morning around 10:30hrs none of the parties' representatives have stepped to disclose the nature of the meet.

Recently Maldives Police acting Commissioner Abdulla Nawaz had met with president-elect Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and congratulated him on winning the presidential polls. The police commissioner had assured support of local police to Solih.

While the Maldives governor has met with Solih, the governor reigned Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA) recently brought a high-profile money laundering scheme with strong ties to incumbent president Abdulla Yameen, to the attention of Maldives police.

However, the Maldives central bank has not confirmed the news to local media.