Minister Aslam likens Hulhumale' suburbs to Male' construction sites

Planning and Infrastructure Minister Mohamed Aslam has stated that reclaimed Hulhumale' suburbs are on the verge of following the footsteps of congested Male' City with regard to construction.

Speaking at a workshop on building regulations, Minister Aslam described Male' City as one big construction site, where the standard of precautionary and safety measures remain subpar. The safety of the workers as well as the public is not assured, said Aslam.

Noting that the monitoring and regulation of construction sites were not challenging in the past, it has now become difficult to regulate the sites due to the sudden increase in construction sites, added Aslam. He stressed the importance of introducing official rules and regulations to maintain proper monitoring. The recent tragic accident where a falling cement bag from a construction site had crushed a 9 year old girl had prompted immediate action, said the Minister,

Aslam revealed that 13 amendments will be brought to building regulations to solve the current challenges faced. The consultation of the private sector is imperative to the efforts, and the amended regulations will be gazetted latest by next month, revealed the Planning Minister.