Bangladeshi workers urged not to seek employment in Maldives

Bangladesh government has urged its citizens not to seek employment in the Maldives, as the employment market in the island nation has gone down significantly.

"New Age" newspaper of Bangladesh reported that the Welfare and Oversees Employment Ministry of Bangladesh advised against seeking employment in the Maldives based on the information shared by the Bangladesh High Commission in the Maldives.

The newspaper reported that the High Commission revealed a large number of Bangladesh workers who have migrated to the Maldives have not yet been able to secure employment.

"Our workers have to cease migrating to the Maldives immediately", the newspaper said, quoting an official from the Employment Ministry.

The Bangladeshi government also urged recruitment agencies to refrain from sending Bangladeshi workers to the Maldives.

Maldives immigration recently revealed that 144,607 expats are currently in the Maldives, out of which 63,000 people are undocumented. In order to seek a solution to the problem, entry of expats into the Maldives is now under Economic Ministry instead of Immigration, under the Labor and Employment mandate of the government.