Committee to release details of previously announced flat recipients

The presidential committee established to investigate issues related to the awarding of social housing has announced that they will be publicizing the names of the people who were awarded housing units under the housing projects of former president Yameen Abdul Gayyoom.

At the committee's first press briefing held at the President's Office on Wednesday, commission member Fathimath Rasheedha said some housing applications evaluated by the commission had incomplete data regarding the current living situation but had been awarded full marks for the section nevertheless. While the government has designed the application forms in such a way that a large margin of points awarded corresponds to current living situation, it is unknown what policy the government followed in awarding full marks to applicant without confirming their living situation, said Rasheedha.

Rasheedha further noted the previous government had decided to lease flats allocated for newly weds to divorced applicants who were married at the time of submission of application, among other doubtful concerns.

The names and the details of the points awarded to those awarded flats during president Yameen's tenure will be released within the week, said Rasheedha. All staff involved in the awarding process, as well as the recipients of the flats will be interviewed by the committee, although it will be a lengthy process.

The commission also noted that the details of who evaluated the application forms and awarded points are unknown, and the commission is working to identify the involved people.